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  • High load capacity direct fastening into plastic material
  • High fatigue strength
  • Safety due to high tensile and torsion strength as well as vibration resistance
  • A wide range of possible tightening torques
  • Easy design engineering with the EJOT® DELTA CALC prognosis programme
  • Lightweight design: use of shorter fasteners and/or smaller diameters possible under certain conditions

"All-rounder“ in plastic

The EJOT DELTA PT® screw is a special fastening element for reliable and easy direct assembly into thermoplastic. It is the consequent optimisation of the EJOT PT® and the result of long-time development and operating experience in the field of direct assembly of even highly loaded thermoplastic materials. The possible range of uses includes all industrial applications. Especially in the automotive industry, where the used components have to withstand very high loads, the DELTA PT® screw has been established as a reliable and durable fastener.

Innovative thread geometry

The special thread geometry of the EJOT DELTA PT® is the result of consequent analysis of the material displacement during thread-forming. The flank angle of this screw reduces the radial stress compared to common thread flanks with 60° flank angles. Since the 20° or 30° angle respectively, generates only slight radial stress a thin-walled design can be realised. The thread flank also guarantees optimum material flow of the formed plastic even with reinforced thermoplastic. The ideal pitch of the DELTA PT® screw was determined by the balanced ratio of highest possible clamp load and low surface pressure in the plastic. This pitch realises very high thread engagement even at small installation depths.

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