General Fabrications

EJOT® EPPsys Range

  • Innovative fastening system for EPP foams
  • Ideally suited for tolerance independent assembly, because no pilot hole is necessary
  • High process reliability due to large margin between installation and stripping torque
  • Weight savings due to used plastic material
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly possible
  • High axial load capacity in the foam
  • Recyclable 

Secure fastening of components to foam

The trend subject "lightweight design" as one of the central starting points of cross-business research and development activities of many companies, makes highest demands on design engineering - and also on the used fastening technology. The common fasteners quickly reach their limits because of new and innovative materials and material combinations. In particular lightweight design concepts with EPP components (expanded polypropylene) require new fastening solutions.EJOT® EPPsys is a product group designed for EPP foams. It guarantees reliable fastening of components in this material. Other materials from the field of non-metal lightweight design can also be fastened lastingly and secure with the EJOT® EPPsys. EPPsys products are thus suitable for numerous applications. For example in the automotive field the elements are used for fastening crash-pads in car door modules.

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