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Our Application Engineers can assist you with CAD files you may need for engineering design development. Files are available for all EJOT Industrial fastening products.
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Friction welding joint in EPP foams

As all fastening elements of the EJOT® EPPsys product group the EPPsys RSD screw has also been developed to fasten components to foamed parts, especially EPP foams (expanded polypropylene). The EJOT® EPPsys RSD ("Reibschweißdom" = friction welding boss) is an effective fastening element for EPP foam and PP honeycomb elements. The innovative friction welding process directly embeds the fastener in the EPP foam and securely connects to the molten material. Subsequently the EPPsys RSD enables a reliable direct assembly with the EJOT DELTA PT® screw.


Reliable fastening of components to foam

EJOT® EPPsys is a product group specifically designed for reliable fastening in EPP foams (Expanded Polypropylene). A typical field of application for this innovative product group is, for example, the attachment of crash pads in car door modules.

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