General Fabrications


  • Suitable for assemblies according to DIN 7500
  • Low thread forming torques due to special thread geometry with self-tapping point
  • The formed thread corresponds to the metric ISO thread DIN 13
  • High strength values and maximum thread engagement due to circular thread cross section 

Reliable steel joints

EJOT Spiralform® screws are special fasteners for reliable and trouble-free metal joints, especially in steel and and stainless steel. Thread-forming and fastening are only one step with this screw. An accurate, tight fitting thread with high strength properties is always formed. This guarantees optimal resistance against loosening under dynamic stress.

Spiralform® WN 13 Head Styles and Drives

WN1321 round washer head with TORX®
WN1323 flat countersunk head with TORX®
WN1342 pan head with cross recess Z (or H)
WN1343 flat countersunk head with cross recess Z (or H)
WN1346 hexagon head
WN1347 hexagon head with flange
WN1352 pan head with TORX®
WN1353 oval countersunk head with TORX®

For detailed information, please refer to the EJOT company standard.
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