Industrial Fasteners


  • Safe and reliable direct assembly into thermosets
  • Saving potential through standardisation: One type of screw for thermoplastic and thermoset 
  • Easy assembly due to good application of the screw
  • Smaller hole depth possible compared to screws with a milled cutting edge
  • Larger flank coverage at the same insertion depth compared to screws with a milled cutting edge

 "Specialist" for thermosets

Alternative materials, that were not focused on by the fastening technology a few years ago, are now commonplace in various industrial applications. Especially the thermosets often replace other materials, in the automotive industry oftentimes due to weight savings of components. The reliable and durable connection of these highly loaded components makes high demands on the used fastening elements. EJOT meets these demands with the inovative DELTA PT® DS, based on the proven DELTA PT® screw, which is qualified for the most difficult self-tapping applications into thermosets due to its special thread layout.  

DELTA PT® DS Head Styles and Drives

WN5411 round washer head with cross-recess Z (or H)
WN5412 pan head with cross recess Z (or H)
WN5451 round washer head with TORX PLUS®/AUTOSERT
WN5452 pan head with TORX PLUS®/AUTOSERT
WN5453 oval countersunk head with TORX PLUS®/AUTOSERT
WN5454 flat countersunk head with TORX PLUS®/AUTOSERT

For detailed information, please refer to the EJOT company standard.
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