Industrial Fasteners


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  • Easy and reliable direct assembly; no complex setting procedure necessary 
  • Low weight due to the use of aluminium instead of brass
  • High pull-out force due to large flank coverage
  • Very high loosening torque due to self-tapping DELTA PT® thread
  • Multiple uses, in thermoplastic as well as thermoset materials

Alternative insert solution

?Today the demanded cost and weight reductions for most designs often require ?alternative methods to the common fastening solutions. For example inserts are still used for many applications, which indirectly fasten components with a costly post-moulded insert and a metric screw. An alternative to this laborious method is the new aluminium EJOT DELTAsert® which permits a reliable self-tapping assembly into highly loaded thermoplastic components. Previously, this was only possible with pre or post moulded inserts.??

Easy installation

The EJOT DELTAsert® is screwed into the prepared plastic component with a conventional screw driver with torque limiter, additional controls are not necessary. The torque can be documented with the assembly unit. This process is finsihed in ca. 2 seconds. The subsequent assembly of the clamping part to the DELTAsert® with the EJOT ALtracs® Plus 60 screw is also self-tapping. For the version with metric M6 internal thread a metric screw can also be used as an alternative. An easy and process reliable assembly is guaranteed in both cases.

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