Industrial Fasteners


  • Intensive cooperation with the customer from the problem all the way to assistance during series production
  • Alignment of the functional properties of the part according to all technical specifications from the customer
  • Reduction of the logistical effort for component assemblies; considerably reduced costs compared to stand-alone solutions
  • Comprehensive project monitoring on site through qualified application engineers

The EJOFORM® "philosopy"

Focus of the development is always the individual solution for customer-specific requirements. Part of the EJOSYST product range are individual component assemblies for the compensation of manufacturing tolerance or thermal changes in length, to fasten or position, for sealing functions, or for the transfer or conversion of motion and moments. EJOSYST® products are based on a "synergy mix" of cold forming and plastics processing - the EJOT expertise and innovativeness is combined in these two technology fields. Early involvement of the EJOT application engineers offers ideal possibilities for the customer to make use of the numerous potentials of this product category. Intensive system cooperation from the first concept idea to the launch of production is an important part of the EJOT operating principle.

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EJOT® - The Quality Connection - This statement captures the Group's ethos. On one hand, it reflects the uncompromising efforts made to achieve the highest possible levels of product quality. On the other hand, it underlines that, technical standards aside, the human aspect both inside and outside the company are just as important. Just one reason they call EJOT® the quality connection.