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EJOT ® The quality connection

Perfect for small batch orders.

Perfect for prototypes.

In 1977, the EJOT PT® screw revolutionised plastics assembly. 
As material-composition advanced, so did the derivatives of EJOT screws that followed - the Delta PT variants continue to break new ground in all kinds of applications worldwide, everyday.

EJOT PT® - perfect for general plastics assembly
For general plastic assembly, EJOT PT® invariably now has its imitators - but originality, quality and unrivalled technical support cannot be copied. We also believe that  EJOT PT®  costs no more than its pretenders!

EJOT PT® - perfect for prototyping
Consistent screw quality and fast availability in small batch quantities has also made EJOT PT® the natural choice for prototyping, allowing designers to consider more exotic materials as new designs are developed and tested.

Sample Kits available

EJOT  PT®  engineering sample kits are now available at a nominal cost of £25.00 plus VAT. Each kit contains a comprehensive selection representing every size and screw type in the PT Direct range. Please use the email link below to ask our Customer Support Team for more details.

You can buy PT® Direct in the MY EJOT Webshop

Ordering EJOT PT® online before June 30th 2014 means you can claim one set of EJOT Digital Calipers free of charge*.

*One set per customer - offer applies to orders over £100 net.

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  • Suitable for most plastic assemblies
  • Small batch ordering from stock
  • No investment in tooling
  • No delay to testing & development
  • Selected Drive type
  • No need for expensive drivers
  • Continued small supply
  • Or mass produced at reduced cost

PT Direct - Size Matrix

Our A4 sized promotional leaflet includes a size and style guide for the most popular EJOT PT screws available in our webshop.

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EJOT® - The Quality Connection - This statement captures the Group's ethos. On one hand, it reflects the uncompromising efforts made to achieve the highest possible levels of product quality. On the other hand, it underlines that, technical standards aside, the human aspect both inside and outside the company are just as important. Just one reason they call EJOT® the quality connection.