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EJOT ® The quality connection

A new day, a new question for Applitec!

"What is the percentage nickel content of austenitic steel?" 
"I require a wind load calculation for a flat roofing project in South West Cornwall?" 
"I have a new product where I need to develop a bespoke fixing system?" 
"How does a thread formed fastening compare to a drilled and tapped hole?" 
"Can I replace inserts into plastic with direct fix thread forming Delta PT screws?" 
"Can I achieve reliable safe fixings into thin sheet metals with thread forming screws?" 
"Do you manufacture Delta PT screws in plastic or Aluminium? 
 If so, how does the weight and performance compare to steel?"

Whether you're onsite, installing solar panels, or preparing conceptual plans for a new lightweight vehicle chassis or a Rainscreen cladding system... the Applitec resource is a global resource. 
You can email your technical questions direct to the UK Applitec Centre stating the sector you are working in.

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EJOT® - The Quality Connection - This statement captures the Group's ethos. On one hand, it reflects the uncompromising efforts made to achieve the highest possible levels of product quality. On the other hand, it underlines that, technical standards aside, the human aspect both inside and outside the company are just as important. Just one reason they call EJOT® the quality connection.