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Solar i-Clip from EJOT UK, is a modular and fully adjustable solar fixing system designed and manufactured specifically for British domestic roofs.

Comprising of a steel plate, spacer system and support bar, Solar i-Clip provides installers with a one stock, one fixing solution suitable for almost all configurations of British domestic roof types, and the typical modifications made to them over time. The modular nature of the system creates a manageable stock of components that can be ordered to suit.

Key to this innovative design is a bespoke variant of EJOT’s A2 austenitic stainless steel self-drilling fastener, tested for its high withdrawal loads on the narrowest of wooden rafters, typical in UK domestic roofs.

Solar i-Clip: Rosemary Tiles

Solar i-Clip: Slate Tiles

Solar i-Clip: Roman Tiles

Download the Solar i-Clip sales brochure

The Solar i-Clip sales brochure provides a good introduction to this product. Further technical data can be downloaded from the My EJOT webshop.

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