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New E-connectivity fastener for lightweight bonded sheets

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EJOT ® The quality connection

High conductivity.
High earthing potential.
High speed installation!

Originally developed to maintain conductivity through bonded metal sheets, our new E-Connectivity fastener can be installed quickly to potentially solve earthing issues - or simply used as a standard screw.

• Manufactured from high grade carbon steel
• High quality Zinc/Nickel coating maintains conductivity of screw
• No pilot holes required; pierce-point tip creates accurate installation
• One-sided assembly eliminates components, reduces assembly time
• Unique thread geometry reduces metal debris
• Strong engineering qualities - no end load
• Also works as a standard screw for sheets up to 2mm thickness

Sample Packs available

To request a sample bag of E-connectivity fasteners, please use the link below or Call our Customer Service Team on 01977 687040.

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