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Introducing EJOT EJOWELD®...
the future of body-in-white assembly

This is EJOT EJOWELD®; a sophisticated friction-weld based assembly system designed to create an automated high strength join between light-weight materials and high-strength steel.

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Five years of intense development in Germany, EJOWELD® has been driven by market demands for manufacturers to build lighter vehicles. The challenge for automotive design engineers is how to achieve strong, light weight body-in-white structures when high strength / light weight materials cannot be secured effectively by means of a traditional self-pierce rivet. The EJOWELD® process successfully creates this high strength joint – typically between light alloys and boron steel of up to 1800 megapascals.

Ejoweld’s advanced friction weld system deploys specially developed components to secure structure of assembly; a pin for single-sided fixing, and an alternative element for double sided access. The four key-stage cycle of the joint creation completes in less than one second. From the first axial loading, the process is then about how the EJOT component reacts with the systems high revolution speeds to pierce the top layer and under-fill the two contrasting materials. The process creates no sparks or flash and very little noise whilst localising heat generation.


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