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New year, new roles… same faces!

Story added January 30th, 2018

EJOT announced what appeared to be something of a ‘cabinet reshuffle’ of its UK management team in the final weeks of 2017. In reality, it’s business as usual as it has now been revealed that the key personnel involved have been operating progressively in their new roles for some 18 months or more, as the company planned to accommodate a controlled expansion.

EJOT’s UK manufacturing portfolio is now seeing a growing demand for its building envelope products globally, so it is no coincidence that outgoing Managing Director Chris Middleton now heads several of EJOT’s operating interests worldwide. Chris, who joined EJOT’s Yorkshire manufacturing base in 2007, will help to maintain continuity as Chair of the EJOT UK Board. The mantle of Managing Director is now taken up by Robert Hardstaff, who has been the company’s Financial Controller since 2004.

Robert said, “legislating for expansion to remain in line with the EJOT Group’s global expansion is something that has been planned for years rather than months. We have worked hard to gain the confidence of the EJOT ownership in Germany, but our track record as a unit over the last ten years has proved our capability”.

Whilst the ethos behind the EJOT model is one of ‘solutions based engineering’, many overlook that the company’s knowledgebase emerges from two key markets; automotive engineering and of course, building and construction. Robert explained: “applications for our products cross many sectors but as a generalisation our sales and application engineers have traditionally serviced these two areas of business. With the recent acquisition of the Finnish manufacturer Sormat, for example, it will be part of my job to manage our interests as holistically as possible – and that means we continue to do what we’re best at by offering sound technical support for high performance products.”

Natural progression too, has played a part in the new look team. Howard Jennings is retiring after 24 years largely as Sales Manager for building & construction fastenings. Howard’s role is being taken up by Richard Bowhay who himself has been with EJOT UK for twenty years. Richard has worked closely with Howard over a long period to ensure a smooth transition, allowing the latter more time to concentrate on export markets. Howard’s retirement coupled with demand from EJOT’s subsidiaries around the world has opened the door for Ben Gallant to take up the role of Export Sales Manager. Ben joined the company back in 2002 and has held several niche sales responsibilities including Solar and ETICS product management.

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