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EJOT TSSD®, the star of the Show at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre

Story added February, 2018

Joining components to lightweight honeycomb material has traditionally been achieved through the deployment of a variety of fixing elements and techniques, such as rivets, adhesives, potted or floating inserts and, of course, nuts and bolts. A unique collaboration between EJOT and automated screw specialists Weber, based in Wolfratshausen has resulted in the TSSD fastening system for direct installation, an incredibly strong joint whilst eliminating the need for any pre-hole.

TSSD is designed with a 9mm diameter and made from a fibre-glass reinforced thermoplastic polymer. This strength makes it possible to apply a specific axial loading to revolution ratio, resulting in a fast high-strength joint without the need to create a pre-hole. Weber’s setting process is critically optimised to achieve this, making it possible to record the setting parameters used. Such has been the impact, that designers at three of Germany’s main vehicle manufacturers ‘design in’ new TSSD variants. Pull-out loads for TSSD into the broad standard honeycomb material are typically around 800 N, with loads of up to 1000 N achievable. In organo type materials, this rises to as much as 1800 N.

TSSD is now being deployed by aerospace designers, having first met stringent aerospace specification. Even European furniture companies are now using the fastening in wet-area furniture, as it moves from wooden products to ranges made from wood-effect honeycomb materials. Niko Muller is part of EJOT's development team based in Bad Berleburg. Here he talks through the basic principle behind TSSD technology, at the 2017 Automechanika Exhibition at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

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