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Building Projects: EJObar - Curved zinc façade, Central London

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Story added August 2014

Contractor: Breyer Group – Romford, Essex
Architect: Brimelow McSweeney Architects
Location: Leicester Square, Central London
EJOT Products used: 218 x 3 metre length, 24 x 1metre, 21 x .500mm membrane encapsulated EJObars, hot welded.


The Project:

The waterproofing of an existing roof and installation of an aesthetically pleasing façade, applied to an apartment building in an established commercial / residential area near Leicester Square in Central London. The zinc strip façade system sits over PVC single-ply membrane, spanning two roof levels, arriving at the lower roof via a broad curve.

The Rheinzinc façade system comprises of rectangular panels designed to give durable protection from the elements and are installed using concealed fixings. The profiled panel geometry combined with the effect of light and shade produces a striking shadow effect and strong contours.

The 3m EJObars are heat welded to the waterproofing membrane – in this instance manufactured by Bauder. The EJObars and the roof membrane effectively become one entity, whilst creating a fixing base for the concealed metal fix-system, without penetrating the actual roofing membrane. EJObar’s manufactured-in uniformity, coupled with its strength-of-weld attributes, contribute greatly to the maintained visual arc that flows from one roof level to the next.

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