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Story added August 2014

Main Contractor: Evo Energy – Nottingham office
Roofing Contractor: Tilbury Roofing
Location: Berkeley Homes Development – Caterham, Surrey
EJOT Products used: 100 x 1 metre length membrane encapsulated EJObars, hot welded.


The project:

The installation of a Solar PV System onto a relatively new-build roof, waterproofed using a Fatra single ply PVC membrane. The flat roof is over a separate apartment building incorporated into a new-build housing development by Berkeley Homes.

The Solar PV installation is onto a relatively small roof area of approximately 128 square metres. Consultation between the main contractor, Evo Energy, and the membrane manufacturer Fatra, had meant independent compatibility / weld-strength testing by the membrane manufacturer, which resulted in a positive approval for EJObar.

Approved Fatra membrane installers, Tilbury Roofing were sub-contracted to hot weld the 1 metre EJObars into position. The range of lengths that EJObar is manufactured in, proved a distinct advantage in certain areas of the roof. For example, where the guttering outlets are located, there is a necessary concave dip to create a natural water flow. The Ejobars were easily able to create a bridge here, maintaining a flat penetrative-free fixing base on which to install the PV system.

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