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The new EJOFAST JF3 Stitcher is now in stock!

The new EJOFAST JF3 fastener utilises advanced fastening technology for fixing thin metal to thin metal and comes with European Technical Approval 10/0200. The self-drilling bi-metallic fastener is manufactured in high grade A2 austenitic stainless steel with a unique carbon pierce-point tip. Its 5.5mm diameter utilises a buttress thread design, created  to deliver high pullout strengths.
Click on the image to see EJOFAST's unique thread geometry


The installer immediately ‘feels’ that EJOFAST goes exactly where it should go – no skating on the surface. Installation ‘feels’ equally smooth. Multiple time tests at a drive speed of 1650 rpm with an end loading of 20kg clearly showed EJOFAST to be on average 30% faster than our industry-standard JT3 stitcher. That equates to significant man-hours on any moderate to large installation.
Click on the image for a time test : JT3 versus EJOFAST



By displacing, as opposed to cutting the metal, the innovative thread creates no debris. Displaced metal is forced forward - creating a tighter joint. On site, the removal of swarf should be ‘good housekeeping’ practice. When‘overlooked’ the swarf is hardly noticeable when a roof is freshly installed, but an eyesore when the swarf has turned to rust. No chippings means no swarf. No swarf means no rust!
Click on the image for a typical swarf/rust scenario


EJOT Applitec’s extremely thorough machine-based procedures assessed the new fastener's drilling, tightening, stripping and pullout performance. Finally, Tensometer testing showed that the EJOFAST JF3 offered an improved pullout resistance advantage of 30% over the conventional JT3 stitcher.
Click on the image for EJOT Applitec Tensometer readouts

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EJOT® - The Quality Connection - This statement captures the Group's ethos. On one hand, it reflects the uncompromising efforts made to achieve the highest possible levels of product quality. On the other hand, it underlines that, technical standards aside, the human aspect both inside and outside the company are just as important. Just one reason they call EJOT® the quality connection.