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Automechanika 2017: Fast, single sided joints into ultra-thin sheet

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Automechanika 2017: Second News Release.

Making a fast, single sided joint into thin sheet alloys and metals...
No pre-drilling required!

Story added May 3, 2017

Given the EU’s co2 emission targets, it’s no surprise that the biggest slice of the European automotive industry’s budget has been ploughed into fuel-efficient technology driven by mandatory targets to ensure that by 2021, new car fleets do not emit more than an average 95 grams of co2 per kilometre.

Manufacturers have increasingly looked to alloys and light metals – typically aluminium and magnesium – to provide the route to weight reduction as a major part of the effort. And whilst such materials have provided an answer in terms of the weight to strength ratio, the challenge has been how to achieve high strength joints between these lighter materials, placing high demands on joining technology. In addition to one-sided accessibility, the removability and recyclability of the fastener is also very important.

The EJOT FDS® Screw creates a fast, high-strength and reliable assembly of thin sheet steel and aluminium, without the need for a pilot hole. Costly processes such as pre-drilling or pre-punching can be eliminated. These invaluable performance benefits generate from a polygonal point and conical thread-forming zone that combine to ensure easy flow drilling, by heating the material. In turn, this generates increased thread engagement in the formed draught so that a high-strength screw joint is made, without any unwanted chipping. The screw joint is then able to transfer high pull-out forces and high shearing strength with high resistance to vibration - making FDS ideal for Body-in-White applications, seating, doors and exteriors.

Continual research and product development has made EJOT FDS the most advanced flow-drilling screw in application, utilised in single-sided assembly of 0.3mm steel sheets and 0.8mm aluminium or magnesium sheets.


Automechanika, NEC Birmingham.
6th to 8th June 2017

The EJOT UK team will be joined by colleagues from EJOT in Germany demonstrating a range of production-ready lightweight assembly innovations at the Automechanika Exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC from June 6th to the 8th. Visit the team on Stand E60 in the Supply Chain Zone.

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