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London 2012 publicity embargo is finally lifted

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London 2012 - don't let it be a fading memory!

At a time when the Construction industry could use a shot in the arm, the companies involved in the build of London 2012 have only just been released from a publicity embargo. A great shame as in reality the Athletes Village, for example, is part of a much wider regeneration project and seen as possibly the most significant urban project in the UK.

Building on success

The Chairman of the ODA's (Olympic Delivery Authority) call to the Government to lift the marketing embargo was finally heeded and the green light has been given for companies like EJOT to market their products by association. We can also take time to reflect on the value of being part of a global enterprise; the EJOT Group.

The International Connection

Technical excellence is at the heart of the EJOT Group’s policy worldwide, with the Applitec network of laboratories at the hub of development. This collaboration is paramount in the development of new fastening products and techniques.

The EJOT Group can point to a multiple of the world’s most prestigious sporting venues where our products have been specified; The Olympic Stadium and Broadcasting Centre in Athens, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, and here in the UK - Wembley Stadium and Wimbledon’s Centre Court. High profile developments demand products that are internationally recognised for the highest level of performance and engineering and EJOT provides that international connection.

At London 2012, EJOT’s DDS fastenings were utilised to secure insulated soffit board to every ceiling throughout the Athletes’ Village as well as being utilised on two viewing platforms that are part of the iconic ArcelorMittal Orbit.

In the Aquatics Centre, the pump and plant rooms were all insulated for noise and heat using EJOT TID-T and TID-TR insulation anchors to fix the insulation blocks to the walls. On the outside of the athlete’s accommodation, Techrete’s remarkable sculptured stonework panels were secured using variants from the EJOT SDF range.

The re-engineering of our SDF façade anchor is a perfect example of this international advantage. The EJOT Group objective here was to gain European Technical Approval whilst developing new unique selling points – creating a specialist range.

We can already promise that 2013 will see the introduction of several more additions to our product range as a direct result of our internationally shared capability.

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EJOT® - The Quality Connection - This statement captures the Group's ethos. On one hand, it reflects the uncompromising efforts made to achieve the highest possible levels of product quality. On the other hand, it underlines that, technical standards aside, the human aspect both inside and outside the company are just as important. Just one reason they call EJOT® the quality connection.