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An EJOT 'Fisher' Space Pen every month for the best design engineering 'Threadforming Application Challenge'

Story updated March 2016

We are throwing the gauntlet down once again to Design Engineers around the UK, asking them to challenge the technical excellence of our threadforming fasteners and the expertise of our own engineering team.

During 2015 we saw many varied challenges test our Team, here are just a two examples:

OH Vehicle Conversions
presented us with a thermex honeycomb material used for storage units fitted to the chassis of emergency ambulances. Here, EJOT EPPsys is being trialed for its high performance against pull out and side loads.

D S Smith Mouldings challenged us with a self-levelling gimble unit, attached to motorcycles used for the transportation and delivery of hot food. Again, EJOT EPPsys is being trialed for ease of installation, high joint strength and contribution to overall weight reduction of the assembled unit.


So... Now it's YOUR turn!

Lighten the day - Lighten the load! We're asking Design Engineers developing or re-engineering quirky, unusual or straightforward run-of-the-mill assemblies, to take up the challenge and test our threadforming capability. The best challenge each month, in the eyes of our judges, will win a much coveted 'EJOT'  Fisher Space Pen - and if you don't know what that means, you really need to go back to the drawing board!

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