Concrete Brick and Block


1. Self Tapping Fasteners

-EJOT's self-tapping fasteners present a total range solution to the building envelope.

-Self-tapping fasteners shown in the EJOT Concrete, Brick and Block collection have been developed specifically for high installation and lifetime performance into masonry substrates.


2. Nylon Expansion Systems

-Designed to deliver an optimum load transmission back to the substrate, whilst providing exceptional thermal break qualities.

-Installers benefit from the high level of performance engineered into EJOT's nylon expansion anchoring systems when fixing metal sections, brackets and timber and aluminium supports to virtually all substrates.


3. Anchoring Technology

-EJOT's and LIEBIG anchoring technology provides a genuinely high performance solution for the most demanding applications and base materials. 

-Supported by our global knowledge-pool of fastening expertise, we provide support to your team with the right products and procedures for a secure and successful installation.


4. Insulation to Substrates

-A range of products each uniquely engineered to provide installers with individual solutions for fixing all types of insulation back to concrete, brick and block substrates.