Iso Corner


  • Applications

    For retrofitting medium to heavy attachments in ETICS systems that incorporate EPS, mineral wool and mineral foam insulation.

    Suitable for fixing:

    • Railings/Juliet balconies
    • Guard rails
    • Window & sliding shutters
    • Consoles e.g. air conditioning units
  • Properties

    EJOT Iso-Corner is moulded from high density Polyurethane foam, which can be easily cut on site with an electric saw so it sits flush with the external insulation face.

    • One element with two fixing surfaces-larger surface area for screw positions.
    • Reduces thermal bridging.
    • Direct assembly of the attachment to the Iso Corner.
    • Two types of anchorage methods to suit the substrate-mechanical or resin anchor.
    • High reliability and load carrying capacity (subject to calculations).
  • Technical specifications

    Delta PT screws are used for anchoring in to the EJOT Iso-Corner with a 20mm edge distance on both the front and side fixing face.


    • Base plate dimensions: 140 x 270mm.
    • Iso-Corner 140 lenght/height: 140mm.
    • Iso-Corner 200 length/height: 200mm.
    • Iso-Corner 300 length/height: 300mm.