Nail anchor ND-K


  • Applications

    Time-saving simple fast-anchor for light fastenings: 

    • Substructures
    • Cabinets
    • Skirting boards
    • Laths
    • Cable racks
    • Cable clips¬†
    • Pipe supports

    Embedment substrates

    Suitable for:

    • Non-cracked concrete
    • Bricks
    • Natural stone
    • Vertically perforated clay bricks
  • Properties

    • Pre-assembled with nail screw and ready-to-assemble nylon plugs for drop-in
    • Nail screw head with Pozidriv recess for removal or adjustment of the anchor
    • The plug collars serve as plastic insulating washers and thus prevent galvanic corrosion
    • Suitable conditions concerning the material quality of the nail screws: GVZ for dry indoor areas
  • Technical specifications

    Drive: Z2 cross recess