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EJOT® facade anchor SDF S 8


  • Applications

    • The efficient alternative for fixing timber substructures to solid brick masonry and concrete


    For planning and processing, please observe ETA-15/0387

    Instructions for using galvanic zinc-plated facade anchor screws (excerpt from ETA-15/0387)

    The special screw made of galvanic zinc-plated steel may also be used outside, after careful installation and if the area of the screw head is protected against moisture and driving rain in such a way, that no moisture can enter the anchor shaft. This requires facade cladding of rain screen fixed in front of the screw head and the screw head has to be coated with a soft-plastic, permanently elastic, bitumen oil combination coat (e.g. car underbody coating or cavity protection).

  • Properties

    • Countersunk head
    • Small drill-hole diameter
    • Product identification through different sleeve colours
  • Technical specifications

    Characteristic values

    • Diameter: 8.0 mm
    • Drive: Hexalobular drive T30
    • Drill hole depth ≥ h1: 60 mm
    • Embedment depth ≥ hnom: 50 mm

    Characteristic loads*

    • Tensile strength NRk,p in concrete < C16/20: 4.50 kN
    • Tensile strength NRk,p in concrete ≥ C16/20: 6.50 kN
    • Brick Mz 28-1.8, NF: 2.50 kN
    • Solid lime sand brick KS, NF 20-2.0: 2.00 kN
    • Transverse strength VRk,s
         Anchor with steel screw: 5.30 kN
    • Bending moment MRk,s
         Anchor with steel screw: 8.20 Nm

    *applies to temperature range 30-50 °C / 50-80 °C