Concrete Brick and Block
3. Anchoring Technology

LIEBIG®  Anchor AS A4

  • Fixing down of steel baseplates, columns and structural steel beams.

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Thread Clamp thickness mm Drill diameter mm Unit Orderidentifier Article Number  
M6 5.0 10.0 50 LIEBIG® Anchor AS M6-10/45/5 A4 9650045905
M6 15.0 10.0 50 LIEBIG® Anchor AS M6-10/45/15 A4 9650045915
M12 15.0 20.0 10 LIEBIG® Anchor AS M12-20/80/15 A4 9650080915
M12 40.0 20.0 10 LIEBIG® Anchor AS M12-20/80/40 A4 9650080940
M8 15.0 12.0 25 LIEBIG® Anchor AS M8-12/55/15 A4 9652055915
M8 40.0 12.0 25 LIEBIG® Anchor AS M8-12/55/40 A4 9652055940
M10 15.0 15.0 25 LIEBIG® Anchor AS M10-15/65/15 A4 9655065915
M10 40.0 15.0 10 LIEBIG® Anchor AS M10-15/65/40 A4 9655065940

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