Pipe flashings

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Pipe flashings


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Pipe flashings

For waterproofing pipes on roofs
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Pipe flashings





DEKTITE® pipe flashings

Fatigue fractures, which might occur with rigid pipe feedthroughs, can be prevented with DEKTITE® flashings.


Application range of pipe flashings

  • For waterproofing pipes on trapezoidal or sinusoidal metal roofs or fibre cement roofs
  • For waterproofing pipes with large openings
  • For subsequent waterproofing of pipes in places difficult to access
  • Sealing of wall joints
  • Forming expansion joints
  • Special Dektites for solar installations and PV


Advantages of pipe flashings

  • Long service life - 20-year warranty
  • Excellent thermal stability:
    • for a short time up to +150°C
    • for a long time up to +115 °C
    • Version made of silicone for periodically higher temperatures up to +250 °C
  • Low-temperature resistance: up to -50 °C
  • Flexible adjustment
    • to different profiles
    • to all pipe materials
    • to pipe diameters up to 750 mm
  • 20-year warranty on pipe flashings