Electric Vehicles Technology

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No other fastener OEM knows electric vehicle assembly inside and out, like EJOT.

EJOT’s pedigree as a fastening innovator goes hand in hand with automotive manufacturing’s own backstory - pretty well since day one.

And given that our fastening products and systems provide application-specific solutions for all modern engineering materials, their commonality supports modern engineering goals to build lighter, build stronger, build smarter.

No surprise then that EJOT has been working academically with design teams worldwide, to bring our fastening technology into electric vehicle assembly, and to all peripheral application developments, for some time.

Build lighter. Build stronger. Build smarter.

EJOT design and manufacture a wide range of fasteners that are used in various applications within the electric vehicles industry....
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How multiple design objectives of EV wall chargers are comparable to sectors with similar challenges.
In focus: EVO PT®, DELTA PT®, Prognosis Software.

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Advanced systems for EVB assemblies that provide dependable solutions to optimise complex goals.
In focus: EVO PT®, FDS® (Flow Drill Screw), ALtracs® Plus.

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Creating a BIW which has high strength, is light in weight and ultimately delivers passenger safety.
In focus: FDS® (Flow Drill Screw), EJOWELD®.

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Assemblies and devices that facilitate e-connectivity determine driver confidence through performance.
In focus: EVO PT®, DELTA PT®, Microscrews.

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How EJOT screws can transform the weight / strength approach to EV electric motors assembly.
In focus: EVO PT®, ALtracs® Plus, Prognosis Software.

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EJOT systems are meeting design options presented by the escalation of LED lighting technology.
In focus: Adjustment systems, EJOFORM® engineering.

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