Fasteners for doors in Electric Vehicles

As with most assemblies in today’s vehicles, doors have undergone significant developments in recent years. What was once a relatively basic access point to get into and out of the vehicle with mechanical elements for the opening window and locks, the door is now a module incorporating technology and electronics such as safety devices, infotainment, lighting, and air-conditioning, particularly for feature-packed Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Car door assembly methods have evolved significantly in recent decades, reflecting the parallel objectives to increase safety and decrease overall vehicle weight. The ‘build lighter, build stronger’ goal that underpins today’s automotive manufacturing, of course, applies to vehicle doors, where a mix of design specifications regarding safety, aesthetics and functionality need to be met effectively without adding weight.

This complex set of requirements makes fastener selection extremely important in relation to doors. Structural and aesthetic goals have to be considered in tandem with how the door design will conceal intricate electrical and mechanical components for operating the locks, windows, and other features such as speakers.

An important enabler for the use of many different materials in vehicle doors has been fastener innovation. Providing ways to securely join lightweight materials such as foams and thin sheet metals has been key to multi-material door constructions which is commonplace in EV manufacturing.

Working with EJOT gives you the flexibility to achieve vehicle door designs through assembly using a combination of bespoke, non-standard fixings and high quality fasteners from our standard range. 

Through our EJOFORM® products, designers can meet numerous possible applications through our ability to develop cold-formed fasteners in steel, aluminium or partly copper, capable of performing multiple functions in one application. For example, EJOFORM can provide a bracket, stop bolt, spacer, adjustment element holder, breakbolt or distance sleeve, which are all totally bespoke to the application, yet they share the common goals to maximise joint strength, save cost through parts reduction and optimise application.

Another EJOT solution for car door assembly is the EJOT FDS or flow drill screw. This allows for one-sided accessibility in a removable and high quality screw joint, without part preparations, such as pre-drilling or punching, and it can be used to join various sheet surfaces with the benefit of high loosening torque and vibration resistance.

Where lightweight foams feature within the vehicle door construction, EJOT EPPsys can be used to provide secure fixing points. The four products in the EPPsys range can open up new potential for the use of EPP (expanded polystyrene) in vehicle doors, offering solutions which take the form of threaded plastic fasteners, a friction welded boss and a boss that is securely fixed using a thermal adhesive process.

With its extensive experience and knowledge of fastening systems for automotive applications, the EJOT team can provide valuable technical guidance at the earliest stage to help you achieve a specification that meets all the design objectives for door assemblies. Our insights have the potential to save time and costs during the development process as many leading automotive manufacturers around the world have discovered.
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Screws for Composites & Foams

EPPsys D - The reliable direct assembly in EPP foam
EPPsys DR - The reliable direct assembly with engagement hooks
EPPsys RSD - The secure welding joint in EPP foams
EPPsys TSSD - Secure fastening solution for honey comb and foam materials

Solutions for Metal Components


Flow Drill Screw (FDS)

EJOT FDS is ideal for single sided applications and for multi material joining. FDS reduces the need for additional processes in both the clamping material and installation boss material. This creates less need for alignment and savings in handling time. 

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EJOFORM® provides great versatility in the range of possible applications for fastening technology and the production of cold-formed fasteners. This is EJOT’s unique multi-stage cold forming process that creates high quality fastening elements in steel, aluminium or partly copper, capable of performing multiple functions in one application.

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