Approvals & Test Certificates

Here you will find various approvals/ratings (ETAs) and test certificates for download, divided into two different products categories; Building Fasteners & ETICS Fasteners.

Building Fasteners

ETICS Fasteners

European Technical Assessments (ETA)


European Technical Assessments (ETA)

The abbreviation ETA is derived from the English term "European Technical Assessment".

The ETA is a product performance certificate that leads to CE marking. It allows you to market your product throughout the European Economic Area, Switzerland and Turkey. In many cases, the ETA also opens doors worldwide.
A ETA can be requested for any construction product that is not covered or not fully covered by a harmonized standard. Compared to the harmonized standard, the ETA can be individually tailored to the product. In addition, performance features can be included in the ETA that are missing in existing harmonized standards.

The advantage over the national approval is the greater coverage of the ETA. However, ETAs always require a reconciliation between the designated performance and the national building requirements.

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DIBt Technical Test Certificate

"National technical approvals (abZ) are the most common form of national proof of usability for construction products. DIBt started granting them as early as 1968. The abZ regulates those properties of the construction product that are of regulatory relevance as well as the fields of use and aspects related to processing, transport, storage, marking and confirmation of conformity.

A construction technique permit may be included in the abZ if assembly, planning, design and execution are relevant for safe application ('combined decision')."

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Passive House Certification

Through Passive House Certification one can be sure that the stringent quality requirements of the Passive House Standard have been achieved. Passive House Institute Passive House Certification is not only available for buildings, but also for building components and professionals.

Passive House Institute Certified Passive House Components facilitate the planning and energetic performance of buildings.

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ICC Evaluation Service​​

Several EJOT articles are part of the ICC ES evaluation report. The ICC ES is an independent assessment body in the USA that is widely recognised and accepted.

Its technical evaluations are highly trusted, particularly by planners in the USA, and therefore have a high value in the US construction industry.


FM Approval

In addition to national technical and European Technical Approvals, selected EJOT products also feature a product certification by the American mutual insurance company FM Global.

The FM certification recognised both in Germany and internationally ensures compliance with the strictest quality and safety requirements.

DIBt Technical Test Certificate

A national technical test certificate is proof of usability granted for:

  • construction products which do not necessitate the compliance with significant requirements to the safety of structural components or

  • components that can be evaluated according to generally approved test methods (§ 19 Abs. 1 Musterbauordnung).

The building code A part 1, part 2 and part 3 lists for which product a national technical test certificate can be granted.

Only inspection authorities approved by the DIBt or another building authority are able to grant national technical test certificates.

General Construction Technique Permit (aBG)

"In July 2017, the general construction technique permit replaced the former national technical approval (abZ) for construction techniques. It can only be applied for with DIBt. This new type of decision regulates the planning, design and execution of construction techniques.

The Building Codes of the federal states aim at ensuring the safety of construction works. This may require regulating not only product characteristics, but also the assembly of construction products to form construction works ('construction technique').

This is especially the case, when important features of the construction works result from the interplay between different construction products. The general construction technique permit can supplement national or European product rules with regard to planning, design and execution."