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Catalogues & Brochures

The latest sales and technical literature from EJOT UK.

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LIEBIG Superplus BLS

The market's only genuine self-undercutting anchor that does not require any special setting tools.

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Ultraplus Anchors vital to new Herring Bridge

After more than three years, the £121m Herring Bridge is now officially open. With more than 100 UK made LIEBIG Ultraplus anchors, crucially securing the bridge’s lifting, lowering, and holding mechanism.

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Products in Focus

Seal Testing Sinusoidal Profiles - 640 x 377.png

Seal Testing: Sinusoidal Profiles

Our R&D team were tasked with finding a seal test solution for installing 13.5-3 sinusoidal profile sheet. The innovative solution extends the range of the VACUtest kit and works on the crown or the valley of the profile.

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BA-Plus Through-Bolt Range - 640 x 377.png

BA-Plus Through-Bolt Range

Presenting EJOT’s upgraded range with ETA Option One approval for cracked / non-cracked concrete.

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LIEBIG Anchoring Technology - 640 x 377.png

LIEBIG Anchoring Technology

The original and best anchoring  technology from EJOT UK.

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Concrete Screws Expanded Range - 640 x 377.png

​​​​​​​Concrete Screws: Expanded Range

ETA approved and engineered for all applications.

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Concrete Screws A4 Stainless Steel - 640 x 377.png

Concrete Screws: A4 Stainless Steel

The JC6-KB, the new bi-metallic, hex-head concrete screw available from 6mm up to 12mm variants.

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DDS-Z for Soffit Liners - 640 x 377.png

DDS-Z for Soffit Liners

Greater liner depths and minimal embedment into concrete.

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Flat Roofing Tapered Systems - 640 x 377.png

Flat Roofing: Tapered Systems

All year installation! The combination that saves time and costs.

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Flat Roofing Time Savers - 640 x 377.png

Flat Roofing: Time Savers

Introducing three ideas that are easier on budgets and on your back.

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External Mounting for EWI - 640 x 377.png

External Mounting for EWI

Innovative fastening for light to heavy loads to ETICS systems.

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Best Practice Guides

Nose Piece Setting - 640 x 377.png

Screwgun Setting

Get the best results by setting your screwgun perfectly every time...

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Flat Roofing - 640 x 377.png

Flat Roofing Installation

Installing Stone Wool & PIR Insulation from start to finish, see the full process...

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VACUtester V2 - 640 x 377.png

Seal Testing

Incorrectly not seen as a priority, Achieve an airtight installation every time and protect yourself from air and water ingress.

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Technical Support & News

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Construction Advice from our Experts

Get helpful knowledge and guidance from EJOT experts on a wide range of topics.

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EJOT Group Software

Engineering and approval software from EJOT in Germany.

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News & Case Studies

Get the latest updates from the fast moving world Building & Construction...

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