Contact Install the fastener, adjust the tube-washer. How clever is that?

EJOT UK has developed a new mechanical fastening combination that saves time and money when installing tapered flat roofing. And the system can be deployed in all weathers, 12 months a year!

The JBS-R/EcoTek combination brings together a high performing concrete screw (JBS-R 7.5) with a high-quality telescopic tubewasher (EcoTek) to provide a fixing solution that is adjustable to fit the required depth of insulation. It is universally suitable too, providing a solution for mineral fibre, EPS, XPS and PIR tapered insulation.

This makes the fastener suitable for any insulation depth of between 70mm and 500mm, using fewer fastener / washer combinations than any other current mechanical fixing approach. This can easily reduce fastener use for a slope insulation of 120 to 260 millimetres by as much as 25%, subject to the application, a site survey and pull out test.

Installation is easy as only one embedment depth is needed whatever the insulation thickness. Adjustability is achieved thanks to the innovative way that the EcoTek tubewasher is driven into place using a custom tool with the fastener already in place. Where the insulation is especially deep, installers can simply use EJOT’s flanged A-cone and extension – this helps to eliminate the awkwardness of drilling deep using standard SDS drills.

Long term performance is assured when using the JBS-R/EcoTek fastening system given the quality materials used to manufacture both fastener elements. The JBS-R fastener is manufactured from case hardened steel and the EcoTek tubewasher is formed from high quality plastic to provide a lasting solution.

Benefits of the JBS-R/EcoTek combination

  • ​​​​​​​Easier installation - one combination driven to just one depth
  • Tubewasher prevents heat loss - assists thermal retention
  • Simpler ordering - no need to source a variety of screws and stress plates
  • Fewer parts - means less confusion and an inventory without waste
  • Straightforward application - saves time and money with better results
  • Easy ordering - everything you need in one place

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EJOT provides highly specialised support relating to all flat roofing applications. If you have any question, please contact Kevin Rackley, Product Manager for Flat Roofing Fastener Systems at EJOT UK. Kevin can update you on all new product applications and offer technical support.

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Watch the video and see the combination in action.

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JBS-R 7.5 Carbon Steel Fastener


EcoTek Tubewasher


EcoTek Adjustment Tool


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