The science behind the fastening

Here, we've provided engineers and designers with quick reference gallery of computer animations that demonstrate the technology behind many of our fastening systems.

We're always adding to the collection so it's important to remember EJOT's strength is its solutions. Many additional products and services are available to our customers, so talk to an EJOT engineer about your design parameters and potential solutions. Click here to contact our team
Fastening into plastic IEPS.png

Fastening into plastics

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Fastening into metal IEPS.png

Fastening into metals

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Lightweight composite design IEPS (2).png

Fastening into lightweight composite design

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Precision cold-formed parts IEPS.png

Precision cold-formed parts

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Fastening into thin-walled components IEPS.png

Fastening into thin-walled components

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Fastening into honeycomb & foam structures IEPS.png

Fastening into honeycomb & foam structures

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