Advanced fastening solutions for design engineering

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See EJOT fasteners in action

View our back catalogue of product animations, to see and understand the science behind the fastening.

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Electric Vehicles - Build lighter. Build stronger. Build smarter.

EJOT design and manufacture a wide range of fasteners that are used in various applications within the electric vehicles industry....

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Contact our Team

Help, guidance and technical support. Find your contacts for industrial fastening systems...

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APPLITEC - An extension to your design project

Our state-of-the-art APPLITEC® Centre is a hub for innovative thinking and a comprehensive test bed for products and assemblies in the conceptual phase of development.

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Calculation Software

Bespoke online tools from EJOT help design engineers speed up research and development programmes by reducing the need for testing and delivering cost-saving potential.

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CAD and more

In this area, we provide CAD data in various formats as well as PDF versions of the technical drawings of our DELTA PT, SHEETtracs and ALtracs® Plus products. You can also design your individual joints with the aid of prognosis programs and check their feasibility with our Application Checker tool.

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Products in Focus


FDS® - Strength, vibration-resistance and single-sided assembly.

EJOT FDS® (flow drilling screw) fastens thin sheet steel and aluminium without the need for a pilot hole, and creates an incredibly high-strength joint from single-sided access situations, for assembly into hollow profiles.

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EVO PT® - The evolution of self-tapping into thermoplastics

The next generation of fastening solutions, that offers constant installation torque with variable installation depths. Giving design engineers many new possibilities and delivering real cost-saving benefits!

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ALtracs Plus in Electric Vehicles Applications - 640 x 377.png

ALtracs Plus® - High strength thread-forming into cast metals

Designed for direct thread-forming assembly into cast holes and developed for maximum strength values in light alloy assemblies and other non-ferrous metals.

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EJOWELD - Lightweight design made easy

EJOWELD® friction welding is used to join overlapping metal without any pre-hole. Used in demanding automotive structural engineering and numerous other industrial applications...

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MUI QL - Foams & Composites V2 - 640 x 377.png

Fastening into Foams & Composites Materials

Innovative fastening solutions that enable greater flexibility for light-weight engineering materials such as foams and honeycomb composites.

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Future Facing Competencies


Joining technology in multi material designs for lightweight applications

Flexible fastening solutions for dissimilar materials.

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Product and service concepts for battery systems

Product and service concepts for battery systems.

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Expansion of the coating competence with innovative technology

New quality level for zinc flake coated products made by EJOT.

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