EVO PT - Constant installation torque with variable installation depths

How EVO PT® delivers cost and performance benefits in one evolution!

The EJOT EVO PT® represents the latest innovative chapter from the originators of direct fastening into thermoplastics. An evolutionary development from the PT and Delta PT line, EVO PT® integrates real time manufacturing and application knowledge with new methods based on physical computer simulations, within the development process. The result is a next generation fastening solution that sets new standards offers design engineers many new possibilities.

Innovative forming thread

The unique lead-in thread of the EVO PT® allows for easy and straight positioning. Self-alignment means the screw centres automatically in the pilot hole during the installation, creating a uniform load on the thread flanks when completely fastened.

Genuine cost and performance benefits

In turn, these exciting characteristics mean that during the thread-forming process, the torque curve created during the installation phase is virtually independent of the screw-in depth. As a result, a uniform tightening torque can be used in application, at different screw lengths. In turn, this can mean smaller installation spaces, or the standardisation of fastener lengths and tightening torques. 

These features alone deliver key advantages that range from the procurement inventory through to installation processes. Genuine cost considerations aligned to high performance fastening!

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EVO PT Torque Graph copy.jpg

EVO PT Torque Graph

The red line is the EVO PT while the blue is a conventional thread-forming fastener. The unique thread-forming zone of the EVO PT® means a virtually constant torque over the installation depth. The relationship between thread formed and the physical thread that follows considerably reduces friction, flattening the installation torque. The elastic recovery of the plastic substrate means it will perfectly re-attach to the thread flanks when insertion is complete.

EVO PT Threads V2 - 640 x 377.png

Unique Lead-Thread &
Thread Forming Technology

  • Automatic centring of the screw / smaller counterbore depth
  • Automatic compensation for axial misalignment
  • Reduced friction within the thread forming zone

EVO PT CAD & CALC V2 - 640 x 377.png

CAD, Calc and more

CAD data is available in various formats, plus technical drawings of key products. You can also design individual joints with the aid of prognosis programs and check their feasibility with our Application Checker.

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EVO PT® Product Animation

We've provided engineers and designers with quick reference animations to demonstrate the technology behind our fastening systems.

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EVO PT Application 2 - 640 x 377.png

Key Design Advantages

  • Support with complete CAE based design support
  • Access to EVO CALC® digital calculation
  • Prediction of torques and preload forces
  • Individual FEM-supported component optimisation
  • Valuable time and cost saving

EVO PT Application 1 - 640 x 377.png

Key Performance Benefits

  • Next generation fastener for thermoplastics
  • Unique self-tapping thread design
  • Optimised locating point
  • Depth independent installation torque
  • Excellent process reliability
  • Parts standardisation potential