EJOT UK: Our Mission, Vision and Values

Looking to the Future, the EJOT mission

To be the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance fastening systems that enable our customers to deliver a more sustainable future by building better and lighter.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Quality Connection, the EJOT vision

Everything we do is driven by the single-minded goal to ensure that anyone seeking dependable fastening solutions always thinks of EJOT first.

The broad scope of our expertise and technical capabilities means we have a solution for numerous applications from the automotive, building and telecommunications sectors to electrical engineering and electronics – in fact, anywhere where high-quality fasteners are required.

Across Europe and around the world, the EJOT team works collaboratively with our customers to ensure they can gain the maximum benefit from our fastening know-how and the superior products we offer. Our international reach is supported by long established partnerships and alliances formed over many decades, giving easy accessibility to the EJOT brand in all corners of the world.

We recognise that outstanding products are services can only be realised through a skilled, highly motivated team. This is why we work hard to make EJOT an organisation that our employees will always consider as one of the best possible places to work. And only by delivering outstanding service can we expect our customers to be our advocates. Converting customer problems into product solutions. That's what we do best.

​​​​​​​Our values define us, the EJOT approach

EJOT is more than just a company name. It encapsulates everything about an organisation that benefits from and values the contribution of a continuously changing team formed of talented individuals. They bring their own personalities, strengths and abilities together for the benefit of our customers.

How we work with our customers
Through partnership and collaboration, we are able to understand and fulfil the needs of our customers. Everything we do is driven by delivering customer satisfaction and joint creation of the future. This requires us to clearly identify and understand the problems our clients face, work out innovative solutions and develop products based on their needs – this responsiveness is one of our core strengths.

Our people and teamworking
We understand that with professional competence and personal responsibility, we can create the prerequisite for international success within our team. We always learn from each other and provide the ideal conditions to harness the energy that comes from the strength and creativity of our people. This is why we are committed to continuous training and mentoring at all levels within EJOT.

Our business performance and success
We know our customers succeed most when they are supported by strong supply chain partners, which is why financial sustainability and integrity is central to EJOT. Success drives profitability and increases our ability to invest in the future and provide a consistent return on invested capital.

Our innovative approach
We continue to be an international market leader for innovative fastening systems in our market segments. We maintain this position by having the depth of resources and technical expertise required to develop dependable fastening solutions to customer-specific problems. Taking a leading position on innovation builds ever greater trust amongst our customers.

Being safe
The safety of our employees, contractors, supply chain partners is our number one priority. Through a comprehensive induction and continuous training programmes, we work tirelessly to ensure the EJOT workplace is a safe, inclusive environment.

Being a sustainable organisation
We take a holistic approach to sustainability with a strategy that ensures we are always looking at how we reduce our impact on the environment and strengthen our role in society. As a responsible manufacturer, all our processes are designed to minimise resource use, including energy, whilst minimising waste.

Being socially responsible
We support an open dialogue with all social, political, and scientific institutions to create credibility and trust amongst our stakeholders. Internationally recognised standards underpin EJOT’s activities to support this further. Our culture is one of open communication and mutual trust, with an inclusivity strategy that ensures EJOT is open to all with values of fairness and equality at the core.
Streamlined decision-making
EJOT continues to thrive as a result of strong, decisive leadership. This includes aggressive, bold, and optimistic planning of objectives with challenging specifications and a local focus. Decentralised decision-making is strongly encouraged, which is why we task all our local management teams with making the necessary decisions to best service the needs of their markets.
Continuously improving
​​​Operational efficiency within our business processes is achieved by applying the principles of lean production (just in time). Our EJOTOP-Organisation guides and supports this, enabling continuous improvement and innovation in processes, services, and products. All our employees are encouraged to contribute by developing and applying their skills for the sustainable future of EJOT.

Exterior design is consistent with the EJOT brand and Group buildings around the world, utlising the horizontal structure® façade from DOMICO in EJOT’s corporate colours .jpg
More than 15% of EJOT UK's head office staff are part of Apprenticeship or higher career education schemes.jpg
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