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Fastening innovation enables premium vehicle manufacturers to achieve weight-reduction goals


For decades reducing vehicle weight has been a top priority in the automotive industry and given the availability of newly emerging materials there is always scope for further savings.

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Back to the Future - A Tale of Two Lawnmowers


From DELTA to EVO - The evolutionary journey of EJOT's PT screw generations.

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Team Spotlight: Jake Robinson, EJOWELD Technician


As EJOT UK’s EJOWELD deployment specialist, Jake Robinson works closely with customers to ensure they can realise the full potential of our market-leading thin sheet joining technology. Read more about Jake's role at EJOT UK...

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Backing the engineering sector’s celebration of collaborative innovation


We are delighted to be supporting the annual awards programme dedicated to recognising and celebrating the very best examples of engineering innovation achieved through a collaborative approach.

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Optimising the fastener specification for Electric Vehicle (EV) motors


Key to the success of the EV market is the ability to create safe, practical electric vehicles, which have batteries capable of providing enough power for the driver to achieve an acceptable range without adding significant weight.

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Achieving radical EV seating designs with superior performance


Automotive seating has advanced significantly in recent years as technology and innovative materials have expanded the role it plays in a vehicle’s comfort level, its safety, overall weight, durability and interior styling.

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How innovative fastening solutions are enabling new approaches to EV lighting


Automotive lighting, particularly headlamps and tail lamps, has taken on a whole new look in many of today’s electric vehicles (EVs).

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How EJOT fastening solutions enable lighter, stronger, more advanced doors in EVs


Vehicle doors have developed significantly over recent decades as manufacturers seek to upgrade the driver experience and comfort while supporting goals such as improving safety and security.

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Advanced fastener technology enables new e-connectivity designs for Electric Vehicles


E-connectivity assemblies are as fundamental to an EV’s operation as the petrol or diesel tank is to an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle...

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EJOT offers quality and production advantages for electric vehicle charger manufacturers


How can EV charger designers and manufacturers respond to increased demand and scale-up production as required through efficient design and assembly, without compromising other design and performance goals?

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How can fastening technology optimise the design of the Body in White (BIW) for EVs?


With the design of the BIW of EVs demanding even greater performance from fasteners than ICE vehicles ever did, partnering with an experienced and innovative automotive fastener manufacturer has never been more important.

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Securing the future for Electric Vehicle Battery (EVB) assembly


Advanced fasteners can enable the manufacture of higher performing batteries for EVs, which are optimised for long term efficiency, weight minimisation and ease of manufacture.

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Fasteners enable creative approach to electric vehicle battery cell assembly


Advanced fastening solutions enable automotive engineers to optimise the design of electric vehicle battery (EVB) assemblies to realise far-reaching benefits...

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Fasteners for Electrical Vehicles: Build Lighter, Build Stronger


EJOT UK offers an extensive product offering bringing strength and lightweight benefits to the electric vehicle market.

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Prognosis software accelerating R&D programmes


Bespoke online tools from EJOT help design engineers speed up research and development programmes by reducing the need for testing and delivering cost-saving potential.

Precision modular adjustment systems


News release for the Automechanika Exhibition in Birmingham. Here we present the Asyst modular adjustment systems for headlamp components...

Single sided joints into ultra-thin sheet


News release for the Automechanika Exhibition in Birmingham. Here we present the FDS Flow Drilling Screw for ultra-thin sheets, no pre-drilling required...

Joints into thin walled plastics


News release for the Automechanika Exhibition in Birmingham. Here we present the Delta PT and Boss Family for thermoplastics…

EJOWELD® - the future of body-in-white


 EJOWELD; the sophisticated friction-weld based assembly system designed to create an automated high strength join between light-weight materials and high-strength steel.

Introducing the TSSD principle at Automechanika


Our Industrial Engineering Team, supported by Niko Muller from EJOT's development Team in Bad Berleburg, introduced the principle of TSSD joining Technology at the NEC in Birmingham...