Modular adjustment systems with ‘plug & play’ Technology


ASYST plastic-injection moulding technology and EJOT’s expertise in precision cold-forming combine perfectly to present uniquely engineered modular adjustment systems and automotive lighting components. 

About ASYST®

ASYST Technologies LLC and EJOT created a joint venture back in 1996 to support automotive lighting tiers with lamp aiming and adjustment systems. Since this time, ASYST has grown to specialise in assemblies and insert moulded products, taking design responsibility whilst working side by side with customers. Automated assembly is streamlined and supports customers worldwide.
• Modular adjustment systems for integration into the headlamp casing
• Complete systems with plug & play technology
• Motorised systems
• Concept through to Production process
• Comprehensive monitoring on site through qualified engineers


Similarly, EJOT’s EJOSYST products are developed as customer specific solutions. EJOT's own over-moulding expertise complements unrivaled cold-forming technology to create individual component assemblies where the compensation of tolerances or thermal changes in length, critical positioning, or sealing capability are critical. Typical solutions include motion threads and spindle nut systems. 

Both of ASYST and EJOSYST technologies significantly reduce logistical effort and costs compared to stand-alone solutions.


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