The Quality Connection

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Everything EJOT does is driven by our goal to be ‘The Quality Connection’.

This is more than just a slogan – it is our ethos. And being The Quality Connection means a number of things.

On the one hand it mirrors our uncompromising pursuit of the highest product quality. But it also underlines – beyond the mere technical aspect – that people both inside and outside our company are just as important to us. Ultimately, we connect people with quality solutions.

We partner with customers who are often market-leaders in their respective fields. This means we share their promise of quality to their customers, meaning that everything we do helps to build a positive brand and reputation for our customers. We fully understand the high standards that our partners demand, and this drives our commitment to performance excellence.

To ensure that we uphold this major responsibility to our partners, we have long-established quality management systems in place across EJOT which fulfil the highest demands and puts the focus firmly on error prevention – getting it right first time.
The global use and distribution of our products, combined with increasingly strict customer demands requires us to continuously review, monitor and develop our high-quality standards. This applies to the entire process chain of the company, from helping determine customer requirements at the project and product planning stage, development, and production all the way to product delivery and customer service.

Being a global company, it is important that our partners can be confident in the standards we apply to keep the quality of our products and processes in check. This is why adherence to international standards and certifications defines everything we do, as well as applying uniform standards for quality and environmental management as well as occupational health and safety at all EJOT locations worldwide.

With regular successful ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and DIN EN ISO 14001 certifications, EJOT ensures that international quality and environmental standards are a matter of course throughout the company. Regular system and customer audits independently confirm that the quality of what we deliver matches our goals.
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The current certificates are available for download here. 
Please note that the certificates are valid for several companies.

Certification of our Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 9001

Certificate ISO 9001

Certification of our Quality Management System ISO/TS 16949

Certificates IATF 16949

Certification of our Environmental Management ISO 14001

Certificates UM14001

Certification of our Energy Management System ISO 50001

Certificates Energy 50001

Letter of conformity of our compliance management system

CSR standards: United Nations Global Compact UNGC, Together for Sustainability TfS, Supplier Ethical Data Exchange SEDEX and Anti-bribery management system ISO 37001, Transparency.
International: Corruption Perceptions Index, Risk management system ISO 31000, Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition EICC and Global Reporting Initiative GRI G4.