Vibration resistant joints into thin walled plastics

EJOT Delta PT and Boss Family: Direct assembly for thermoplastics

EJOT’s fastening technology is prevalent throughout first tier manufacture and supply. Historically it is not uncommon for Design Engineers to be fully versed with EJOT products and performance benefits, without being aware of EJOT as the originator.

Today, as a direct progression of the original EJOT PT screw, EJOT Delta PT now has industry-wide recognition as ‘the’ solution for direct assembly into thermoplastics. Its thread geometry creates low surface pressure whilst delivering high clamp loads. A wide range of tightening torques creates a cost-effective solution for standardised parts. By combining Delta PT with products from the EJOT ‘Boss’ Family, the same high performance benfits can be achieved in thin wall plastic assemblies.

Where designs are at conceptual stages, EJOT’s engineers are able to support development by utilising unique prognosis and forecasting software, assisting the push for lighter assemblies and often making valuable cost savings to R & D budgets.


Delta PTP: Direct assembly for unreinforced plastics

Taking weight reduction a stage further, EJOT has introduced a plastic version of the metal Delta PT screw; Delta PTP. Offering the same key benefits, the plastic version has been developed to match the screw material and the material to be fastened. Manufactured from EMS Grivory HTV 5H1, the EOT Delta PT-P now makes it practical for unreinforced plastic to be commercially viable for the self-tapping assembly processes.


​​​​​​​EJOT EPPsys: Fastening systems for expanded polypropylene

Foamed components are integral to lighter vehicle design. The EJOT® EPPsys - or EPP System - has been developed to fasten assembly parts to foamed components, typically expanded polypropylene (EPP). As part of a broader application-specific product range, the EPPsys RSD is a unique boss that provides highly effective fastening for EPP foams and honeycomb elements, via a friction-welding process that leaves the product embedded within the EPP foam. This way, lighter weight foams are now a practical and cost-effective reality.


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