ALtracs® Plus – high strength thread-forming into cast metals

How ALtracs® Plus delivers time and cost-saving potential over metric screws

Designed specifically for direct thread-forming assembly into cast holes, EJOT ALtracs® Plus fasteners are developed to deliver maximum high-strength values in light alloy assemblies and other non-ferrous metals such as zinc, copper or brass. For designers, that means realtime cost savings can be gained easily when compared to metric screws, simply by removing processes such as drilling, thread cutting and cleaning.

Innovative thread geometry
EJOT ALtracs® Plus fasteners have a unique optimised thread geometry and conical thread-forming zone that provides the option to use smaller, shorter screws, while retaining consistently high strength values and high vibration resistance - without the need to introduce additional safety elements into the joint.

Genuine cost and performance benefits
ALtracs® Plus is the second generation screw that builds on the original ALtracs® principle, offering improved technical capabilities! That means a high clamp load and relaxation process that creates long term strength - even under high dynamic and thermal stress - achieving strength values comparable to 10.9 metric screws.  

Lower installation and higher stripping torque means that reliable assembly can easily be achieved with common pneumatic and electric screwdrivers. These features alone deliver performance advantages in addition to cost-savings of upto 40% when compared to metric screws!

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Unique Thread Geometry - 640 x 377.png

Unique Thread Geometry

  • 33° flank angle
  • Circular cross section
  • Metric compatibility
  • Conical thread forming zone
  • Clamp load and relaxation comparable with metric 10.9 screws

The Threadform Advantage - 640 x 377.png

The Threadform Advantage

The image above demonstrates thread engagement between materials.
The EJOT ALtracs® Plus screw (left) shows in red, how 100% engagement is achieved upon relaxation compared to around 83% shown in blue, of metric screws (right) – depending on the drilling diameter.

Cost Saving Potential - 640 x 377.png

Cost Saving Potential

The graph above illustrates how the elimination of preparatory processes such as drilling, cleaning and thread cutting deployed with metric screws, compare to the simple material plus assembly ratio of ALtracs® Plus fasteners.

ALtracs Plus Video Thumbnail - 640 x 377.png

ALtracs Plus® Product Animation

The self-tapping screw for light metal.

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Key Design Advantages - 640 x 377.png

Key Design Advantages

  • Support with complete CAE based design support
  • Access to ALtra CALC® digital calculation
  • Prediction of torques and preload forces
  • Individual FEM-supported component optimisation
  • Valuable time and cost saving

EVO PT CAD & CALC V2 - 640 x 377.png

CAD, Calc and more

CAD data is available in various formats, plus technical drawings of key products. You can also design individual joints with the aid of prognosis programs and check their feasibility with our Application Checker.

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