Innovative coating technology for fastening elements

New quality level in zinc flake coating

EJOT fasteners offer high functional reliability in the application. The connections are designed for high component service life and often have to withstand extreme weather conditions. For this reason the coating of the screws plays a key role. Due to their particularly reliable corrosion protection, zinc flake coatings are used in many customer projects. The organic coating systems with lamellae made of zinc-aluminum offers very high corrosion protection without production-related hydrogen introduction. 

The technology used is decisive when applying the zinc flake coating. With the coating processes used up to now, it is possible that the coating medium is not properly displaced during the throwing process and residue remains at the critical points, e. g. in the drives. EJOT has continuously improved the process of zinc flake coating and now transferred these capabilities into its own coating competence center. The newly developed centrifugal technology guarantees a very smooth and thin layer structure, even on very small screws.

Your application advantages with the new zinc flake technology by EJOT: 

Installation reliability
No ”clogged“ TORX® / TORX PLUS® drives - instead reliable bit insertion during assembly. 

Extension of the application possibilities 
Even small, complicated parts up to bit sizes of T6 or IP6 can be reliably coated (so far limitation ≥ T20). 

Improved power transmission 
Safe transmission of the torques provided for the respective screw drive. 

Quality control
Newly developed dial gauge for exact measurement of bit penetration depth for TORX PLUS® drives. 

Corrosion resistance 
The corrosion resistance is completely retained with this new process. 

Improvement of the environmental impact 
The thin layer structure reduces the CO2 eq emissions by 30%, based on the VOC* emissions.


*Volatile organic compounds (VOC for short) is the collective name for organic, i.e. carbon-containing substances that evaporate into the gas phase at room temperature or higher temperatures (colloquially "evaporation"), i.e. are volatile.