High-strength fastening
in to super-lightweight materials

Weight reduction is a universal design imperative. This has created a demand for fastening solutions that allow materials such as foams and honeycombs to be used with greater flexibility, more extensively and with seamless integration.

EJOT TSSD®  for honeycomb webs and composite panels

The EJOT TSSD® product range is a rapid and outstandingly strong thermal adhesive fastening system. It is designed to offer significant assembly time and performance advantages when used with a wide range of lightweight honeycomb and composite materials across many industry sectors.
Launched in the UK at the Automechanika exhibition in Birmingham in 2017, the TSSD® system is game-changing technology that delivers key benefits that include:
  • A lightweight bonding boss offering outstanding strength and versatility
  • Variants suited to many applications 
  • Rapid fixing process requires no pre-drilling or other surface preparation
  • Can be automated for repeatability to customer specification
  • Pre-drilling is not required 

EJOT EPPsys® range for foams and EPP

EJOT’s EPPsys range is designed specifically for use in foams - especially expanded polypropylene (EPP) – and similar lightweight materials. Such materials are used extensively in the automotive and aerospace sectors but the design flexibility provided by each product opens infinite possibilities.

Advantages include: 
  • High strength to weight ratios
  • Durability and application versatility
  • Improved assembly efficiency - whether manual, semi-automated or automated assembly 
  • Pre-drilling is not required 
  • Recyclability

See below for key products from the EJOT EPPsys® range

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Installed by friction welding in to EPP foam, embedding the fastening element.
Its use in EPP foams is an exclusive EJOT innovation.

  • No pilot hole – suites almost all foam densities
  • Process-reliable attachment point in EPP foam
  • High torque levels and pull-out loads
  • Independent of any component tolerances
  • Significant weight savings

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 Direct assembly into foamed products for cost savings and greater design freedom. Optimised for EPP but is also effective with other foams.

  • No pilot hole - no overlap issues 
  • Margin between installation & stripping torque
  • High axial load capacity when fastened
  • Significant weight savings
  • All forms of assembly processes possible



EPPsys D variant snap-fit alternative for component attachment. Two engagement hooks enable the easy attachment of thin-walled components. 

  • Easy fastening to thin-walled components
  • Easy snap-fitting of mounted parts 
  • Large clamping thickness range
  • Axial tolerance compensation 
  • Radial tolerance compensation

 We have an EJOT Application Engineer servicing all areas of the UK. 

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