Trio of flat roofing innovations - Saving installers time and money

EJOT UK has launched three innovative solutions designed to help flat roofing installers save time and money on-site, as well as eliminating unnecessary labour and making the installation process easier from start to finish.

1st Innovation – Pre-assembled TKR/HTK 50 Combination

EJOT has now launched a preassembled fastener and telescopic tube-washer combination that can save up to two hours of work for every 1000 washers used.

The TKR (carbon steel) fasteners, in combination with HTK 50 (50mm washer face) telescopic tube-washers, is the first to be available preassembled. But other combinations are planned for the future – watch this space.

These products have, until now, only been supplied to site as separate components, which means assembling them as you go. This process can be time-consuming, particularly for larger roofs. This can now be skipped entirely, thanks to this pre-assembled combination suitable for steel, plywood or concrete applications.

2nd Innovation – Grab Bag

Complementing the pre-assembled TKR/HTK 50 fastening system is the easy reach EJOT ‘Grab Bag’. This durable bag is designed to be attached around the waist using a hip belt. This means installers can always have pre-assembled fasteners within easy reach, improving efficiency and speed during installation.

The Grab Bag eliminates the need for constant bending to pick fasteners out the box and therefore reduces stress on the installer’s back. The Grab Bag holds up to 500 fasteners and includes an at-a-glance scale on the exterior for instant identification of the fastener combination length.

3rd Innovation – M6 x 600mm Extension Bar

The final innovation in the trio is the time and back-saving M6 x 600mm extension bar. Offering simplicity in a click! Once you’ve attached a threaded drive bit to the end of the Extension Bar. Simply secure your fastener in place via the spring-loaded ball bearing mechanism. Quick, easy, and effective. This clamping function provides an audible ‘click’ to signal that the fastener will be held in place during installation.

This extension bar allows installers to simply slide the TKR fasteners on and drive them into place whilst standing. With greater consistency which reduces wear on the drive bit. The attachment mechanism is engineered to be reliably secure but easy to withdraw once the fastener is in place. Bending down every time for every fastener can now become a thing of the past.
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TKR/HTK 50 Combination

  • Get on with the job in hand, no need to waste time assembling fasteners
  • Save up to two hours for every 1000 washers used
  • Saving time, saves money
  • Suitable for steel, plywood, or concrete applications
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Grab Bag


M6 x 600mm extension bar

  • Protect yourself from back problems – instal from a standing position
  • Extension bar securely holds the fasteners in place – just listen out for the click!
  • Easily released once fastener in secured
  • Simple to use extension bar shields the drive bit from damage
  • View the M6 x 600mm extension bar in our webshop

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