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Superplus BLS: No other self-undercut anchor matches this performance!

The design principle of the LIEBIG Superplus BLS range is simply unique. 
Available in zinc plated carbon steel and A4 stainless steel, its design offers the high load capacity and reliability of an undercut anchor, with the ease of installation normally associated with an expansion anchor. That means that, unlike any other competing product, the Superplus range does not require the expense of any special drill bits or setting tools.


Performance Benefits and Characteristics:

  • Unique automatic self-undercut / mechanical lock anchor
  • Very high load performance
  • Setting is torque controlled - no special tools required
  • Minimal expansion forces allow small spacings and edge distances
  • M8 – M16, push-through or pre-installation options
  • Two embedment depths per anchor diameter
  • Range includes shallow embedment option
  • Simplest, quickest and safest solution available
  • For static, quasi-static and seismic loads
  • UKTA approval
  • ETA approval - Option 1 Approved for cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • ACI 355 Nuclear Performance Standard
  • Zinc Plated for dry indoor and temporary outdoor use


Modularity means more kN per £ invested

With modular design at its core, the LIEBIG Superplus BLS range provides engineers and architects with a reliable concrete anchoring solution that balances superior performance with cost. Developed to provide an alternative to concrete anchors that need pre-preparation of the hole using an undercut tool, Superplus BLS is UKTA approved for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete to provide assured high capacity anchoring in a wide variety of applications and conditions. Read more...

Modularity means installation simplicity

Unlike other undercut anchors, the mechanical design of Superplus BLS means that it does not require an exact hole depth, to achieve a secure fixing. The teeth on the anchor’s innovative sleeve will always engage to deliver a durable mechanical interlock which allows for easier, more efficient working on site with less risk of installer errors.

A key benefit of Superplus BLS is its suitability for concrete applications where only a relatively shallow embedment depth is possible. It can also be used in applications with reduced edge distances and anchor spacings, and is available as standard in Zinc plated carbon steel and A4/80 stainless steel, making the anchor suitable for meeting the most demanding environmental conditions. Read more...

Modularity means more flexibility

The range is available in sizes from M8 to M16 and with standard lengths capable of fastening fixture thickness of between 5mm & 300mm. Thanks to its modular design the anchor can be specified in bespoke lengths. This makes it easy to arrive at an anchoring design to suit the application, with anchors manufactured and delivered to site in short lead times. Read more...

Modularity means more versatility

Paul Papworth, who is responsible for Specification Sales at EJOT UK said: “LIEBIG Superplus BLS is a unique anchor which allows engineers and architects to think differently about how they approach anchoring into concrete. In addition to providing the best value ‘cost per kilonewton’, the anchor’s performance characteristics, backed by United Kingdom Technical Assessments, are reliably robust – in line with every concrete fixing solution in the LIEBIG range.”

“The anchor represents suitability for such a wide range of applications, with the undercut principle around which the anchor is designed, offering that extra level of performance assurance, safety and risk avoidance.”

“Part of the EJOT fastening systems portfolio since 2017, LIEBIG has long been the global go-to brand for concrete anchoring, which today benefits from UK manufacture, technical support and customer service. It all adds up to a locally-delivered package that helps project engineers achieve a solution that meets the specification without compromising project timescales and budget.”

Superplus BLS is part of a wide range of LIEBIG and EJOT anchoring solutions which also includes advanced chemical based systems, concrete screws and through-bolts to cater for every type of concrete and solid base application. Read more...

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Talk to an expert

Our highly experienced UK wide team offers a wealth of technical support and specialist guidance.

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Features & Benefits Overview

See under the surface and appreciate the unique design of the BLS. See The sleeve’s outer cutting teeth expand and create its own undercut.

Watch video

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Installation... It really is that easy!

Installation is so straightforward and doesn't require any special tooling or equipment. Watch our video to see the process from start to finish and see how simple it is...

Watch video

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Brochure & Samples Available

EJOT UK has developed a specialist brochure specifically for our BLS range. You can request a copy below...

Alternatively, you can request a free sample box below. This box contains a BLS anchor, so you can see it up close for yourself...

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Typical Applications

The BLS has a huge range of application areas, such as:

  • Power plants (nuclear, hydroelectric & petrochemical)
  • Steel & industrial plants
  • Façades
  • Structural steel work
  • Base plates
  • Safety barriers & guide rails
  • Storage racking
  • Lifts & elevator variations
  • Cranes & crane runways
  • Tunnel ventilation & M&E
  • Plus much more...

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The range at a glance....

  • BLS - Stud with Nut - Post-installed - M8 - M16

  • SLS - Hexagonal Bolt - Post-installed - M8 - M12

  • SKLS - Countersunk Screw - Pre-installed - M8 - M12

  • BLS-P - Extended Stud with Nut - Post-installed - M12 - M16


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Read the full series of BLS articles...

EJOT UK has produced a series of articles that go into greater detail about the unique benefits of the Superplus BLS anchor...

>  Part One: Modularity means… more kN per £
>  Part Two: Modularity means… Flexibility
>  Part Three: Modularity means… Installation Simplicity
Part Four: Modularity means… Versatility

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See the entire Superplus range in our webshop...

  • BLS - Stud with Nut 
  • BLS A4 - Stud with Nut 
  • BLS-P - Extended Stud with Nut
  • SLS - Hexagonal Bolt 
  • SKLS - Countersunk Screw
  • ILS - Internal Thread 
  • SD - Lightning Protection

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Anchor dimensioning made easy
Download free industry specialist software today, designed to make concrete anchor specification simple!


Key Facts & Figures

Product Material

Grade 8.8 carbon steel, zinc plated
A4-80 stainless steel

Product Range

BLS: M8, M12 and M16, carbon steel, zinc plated / A4 stainless steel
ILS: M8, carbon steel, zinc plated
Effective clamping thickness 15 - 60mm

Base Material

Cracked and non-cracked concrete: C20/25 to C50/60

Load Range

Tension: Nperm = 4.3 - 56.1 [kN]
Shear: Vperm = 4.3 - 90.7 [kN]


ETA-01/0011 – Option 1 – Carbon steel, zinc plated
ETA-05/0013 – Option 1 – A4 stainless steel