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EJOT ANCHOR FIX® – Anchor dimensioning made easy

Compare different fastening options, calculate the safest option, and thus determine the optimal products for your next project – this is the great strengths of EJOT ANCHOR FIX®, the free dimensioning software for heavy attachment.

EJOT ANCHOR FIX® software has been developed to make it easier for structural engineers, specifiers, engineers, and technicians. This software allows you to perform complex calculations in no time, the limits of the carrying capacity in concrete substrates can be determined stored and printed. In addition, further documents such as approvals and product data sheets can be accessed. EJOT ANCHOR FIX® is constantly being improved and updated to meet the market and user requirements. Once installed, the software updates itself on your device automatically and is always free of charge.

ANCHOR FIX® features:
  • Includes the entire EJOT range; LIEBIG Anchors, concrete screws, through-bolts, façade anchors and much more
  • Direct input from onsite pull-out tests according to DiBT bulletin 2019 and TR 51 and TR 53.
  • Multiple substates options
  • Choice between single and multiple fixing
  • Multiple language versions for international use

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Find out more about the areas of application and all the advantages of the EJOT ANCHOR FIX® software in our brochure.


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