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Modularity means...
more kN per £

Uniquely designed modular anchor offers cost savings without compromise

Innovative mechanical anchor design holds the key to providing engineers and specifiers with an approach to concrete anchoring that achieves assured performance without the cost, whilst increasing application versatility.

The LIEBIG Superplus BLS from EJOT is unlike any other heavy duty concrete anchor. It is the only self-undercutting anchor that, without special tools, creates its own undercut. It works in a slightly different way to all other types of concrete attachment products to deliver game-changing results.

For project engineers, designers, specifiers, and contractors alike, this means the Superplus BLS will provide more ‘kN per £’, with the assurance of ETA and UKTA certified performance but without the price tag usually associated. The product is capable of offering significantly improved tensile performance at 200% that of other heavy duty type anchors, 300% of the performance possible with throughbolts and 250% that of the largest concrete screws.

The anchor comprises several core components or modules that can be sized and assembled to meet the specific needs of an application. This is an immediate cost efficiency benefit, driven by EJOT’s ability to manufacture non-standard sizes in short lead times at a fraction of what it would cost for bespoke sized anchors.

But it is not just about cost savings for bespoke anchors. Superplus BLS is equally advantageous in terms of its performance capabilities – shear and tensile strength – which stem from its unique mechanical inter-locking design.

Simply by applying the required torque, a cone is drawn upwards, which drives six chamfered teeth outwards to deform and compress the concrete. This all occurs in a single mechanical process with the teeth creating the undercut without the need for special tools. To do so, just a simple hole needs to be drilled to the correct diameter and depth and with the correct torque applied.

It means Superplus BLS is not reliant on friction to achieve the hold as with mechanical expansion anchors, giving it superior resistance in shear and tension.

To put this into perspective, a Superplus BLS anchor would return twice the performance resistance or recommended load values of a standard heavy duty expansion anchor in an application where the diameter and embedment depth are the same.

And whilst there are concrete anchors available that can return even greater performance, the compromise is not only significant additional cost and lengthy lead times, but also the need for a greater embedment depth – which may not be possible in every application in any case. This will also dictate the spacing of the anchors and could ultimately lead engineers and designers to provide an anchoring application that expensive and over specified.

The Superplus BLS anchor’s ability to provide high performance through self-undercutting without deep embedment and at closer spacings underpins its versatility. Primarily the anchor represents a lower risk option for engineers and designers because of its innovative design, which makes it particularly suitable for safety critical applications including in nuclear power plants, as well as in the general industrial, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

From pipework and mechanical support to switchgear and instrumentation units, Superplus BLS has been used in multiple applications where the design seeks to eliminate risk. Independent verification is demonstrated through the product’s long-held ETA (European Technical Assessment) and early UKTA accreditation, plus ICC nuclear approvals.

It all adds up to an anchoring solution which demonstrates the level of expertise within EJOT’s LIEBIG division and how the innovative products it is bringing to the market offer engineers, architects and specifiers benefits across the board. From strength and cost to flexibility of design, what the Superplus BLS can offer in a single package is as yet unmatched in the concrete anchoring market.
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Modularity means... more kN per £

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UKTA for LIEBIG Superplus BLS

The BLS range of self-undercutting heavy-duty anchors receives a UK Technical Assessment certification. This range also benefits from the ACI 355 Nuclear Performance Standard and ETA approval.

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