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Secure installation of mounted attachments for EWI and ETICS façade systems

An innovative product group developed by EJOT for either planned or retrospective installation of a multitude of attachments to ETICS façades.

EJOT mounting elements provide strength where exterior attachments and visual aesthetics are key. Where the outer shell of the building structure is carrying the thermal insulation and light to heavy mounted parts, this range of products offers an efficient solution for all construction and static requirements.

EJOT’s long association with all leading ETICS and EWI system providers inspired development of these ancillary products, each providing options for typical load applications e.g.: Lighting and sensors, signage and mounting rails, pipe brackets, shutter mechanisms - plus and more obvious attachments such as letterboxes and clothesline systems.
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ETICS Product Manager
Mark Newell

EJOT's facades attachments are part of a wider range of system-based ETICS fastening products. For more information, or to speak to our ETICS specialist:
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​​​​​​​EJOT Iso-Corner

Made from high desnsite polyurethane foam, EJOT Iso-Corner is a load-carrying installation angle - cut to length and easily installed on site. Specifically designed for medium to heavy attachments to ETICs / EWI facades, Iso-Corner suits all substrates, reducing cold-bridging.
  • ETA approved product
  • One component – two installation surfaces
  • Combines with EJOT fixings to suit substrate
  • Suits any insulation depth
  • Reduces cold-bridging
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​​​​​​​EJOT Dart-Set

Designed for retro-fit of light to medium heavy components to ETICS / EWI facades, EJOT Iso-Dart consists of facade anchor (Ø 8 mm) and plastic bush with integrated washer.

  • Reduces the thermal transmission
  • High load-bearing capacity by anchoring to the substrate
  • Waterproofing via high-quality EPDM sealing washer
  • Rain-secure in accordance to DIN EN 19050
  • Fast, easy and secure installation
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​​​​​​​EJOT Power-Bloc

Made from high density EPS, the EJOT Power-Bloc's tough elasticity is especially suitable as a backing for thermal bridge-free fixing. A surface-marked grid assists accurate cutting on site.

  • Moulded from high density EPS
  • Suitable as thermal bricks or pressure pads
  • Multiple applications – medium to heavy loads
  • Fast, easy installation on site
  • Thermal bridge free alternative to timber
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EJOT Spiral Anchor

Spiral-shaped plastic assembly anchor with integral sealing washer and threaded sleeve. The EJOT spiral anchor is the optimum fastening solution of light attachments to facades.

  • Innovative helical spiral plastic design
  • No thermal transmission
  • Easy and safe installation
  • No pre-drilling necessary
  • Commercially available drill / drive tool
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