ETA-approved through-bolt for Option 7 concrete launched in the UK

EJOT has developed a new high-performance ETA (European Technical Assessment) approved through-bolt – also known as an anchor bolt – to provide installers with dependable anchoring into the full range of Option 7 non-cracked concrete applications.

EJOT’s BA-C NC through-bolt is engineered to the same exacting standards as our technical range of BA-Plus Option 1 anchors. BA-C NC is manufactured in zinc-plated carbon steel to provide a high-performance anchor for heavy-duty dry applications into non-cracked concrete. This range offers thread diameters from M8 up to M16 in length options that range from 75mm up to 175mm.

The EJOT BA-C NC is a torque-controlled expansion anchor which transfers the load into the base material via friction grip between the anchor’s expansion sleeve and the sidewalls of a drilled hole. In doing so, the through-bolt provides a reliable and economical fixing system for non-cracked concrete applications such as warehouse racking, stadium seating, columns, guard rails, facades, staircases and machinery installation.

Thanks to the ETA-approved, installers can have total assurance of the performance capabilities of BA-C NC. This independent stamp of approval for anchors demonstrates that the through-bolts are safe and versatile to use for the wide range of Option 7 applications. For installer this means great results and peace of mind.

The BA-C NC through-bolt also benefits from a quick and simple installation, in just four easy steps…

  1. Drill the hole to the correct diameter and corresponding depth
  2. Clean the hole by blowing to remove debris
  3. Insert the anchor through the fixture
  4. Apply the recommended installation torque with a calibrated torque wrench and you’re done!

EJOT’s BA-C NC anchor complements its recently upgraded range of technical through-bolts for Option 1 cracked and non-cracked concrete, BA Plus. These precision-engineered through-bolts provide high strength and equally reliable performance in the most demanding concrete applications up to seismic standards, including in tight spots where the anchor spacing is limited and edge proximity is close.

Richard Bowhay, Sales Manager for Building Fasteners at EJOT UK said: “The launch of the BA-C NC range gives installers a reliable new option for Option 7 concrete applications, providing the quality and performance assurances that underpin every product in the EJOT range. Alongside our newly updated BA Plus range for Option 1 cracked and non-cracked concrete, the BA-C NC’s introduction means customers now have access to class-leading EJOT through-bolts for every application.”


Technical support including site tests

EJOT provides highly specialised support with a wealth of experience relating to all heavy-duty anchoring applications. When specifying outside of standard parameters we support EJOT customers by providing an on-site test report, carried out by a qualified EJOT engineer. This is a free service to EJOT UK customers and needs to be booked in advance.

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Or you can read/ download our Through-bolts brochure...

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EJOT’s Anchor-fix dimensioning software is a goto tool to assist designers with pre-planning through to static requirements for critical building projects.

The program calculates load-carrying capacities in concrete substrates - allowing data to be archived for reference.

​​​​​​​Additional benefits include:
  • Access to approval documents & data sheets
  • Language options for international use.
  • Automatic updates
Download EJOT Anchor Fix software here 


Not every every-day anchor comes with a European Technical Approval. Luckily, this one does.

BA-C NC through-bolt Option 7 approval for non-cracked concrete

  • Zinc-plated ETA approved anchor
  • Subject to static and quasi-static loads
  • Sizes M8, M10, M12 and M16
  • Immediate mechanical fix
  • Engineered for ease of through-installation
  • Safe and economical choice for all dry applications
  • Learn more about BA-C-NC

​​​​​​​The complete Option 1 range for cracked and non-cracked concrete

​​​​​​​EJOT has upgraded its range of ETA-approved through-bolts with the launch of the BA Plus range of Option 1 anchors for cracked and non-cracked concrete. This new generation of higher performing through-bolts builds on the strengths of the original EJOT BA range to deliver new benefits and application potential. 

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