Solutions-driven through-bolts Option 1

EJOT has upgraded its range of ETA-approved through-bolts with the launch of the BA Plus range of Option 1 anchors for cracked and non-cracked concrete. This new generation of higher performing through-bolts builds on the strengths of the original EJOT BA range to deliver new benefits and application potential. 

BA-Plus: The complete Option 1 range for cracked and non-cracked concrete

The EJOT BA Plus range is a new generation of higher performing through-bolts. This builds on the strengths of its established BA range to deliver additional performance benefits and new application potential. And, in addition to concrete, these torque-controlled expansion anchors are also suitable for installation in other hard base materials including natural stone.

The innovative design of BA Plus allows the required installation torque to be achieved with 30-50% fewer revolutions than previously, and new M8 and M10 through-bolts can now be used for anchoring in to concrete which is up to 20mm thinner. The risk of on-site errors is also further minimised with a setting depth clearly marked to the thread and anchor length letter coding marked on every bolt head.

The BA Plus range provides through-bolts for all the most typical cracked and non-cracked concrete applications ≥ C20/25 up to the seismic Option 1 performance. Backed with the independent assurance of European Technical Assessments (ETAs), the range offers a dependable solution for numerous applications including steel structures, column base plates, heavy duty racking, cable racks, handrails and facades.

Zinc plated, hot dip galvanized, and A4 stainless steel through-bolts are available, providing a solution for a wide range of applications including harbours and tunnels where the highest level of resistance to corrosion is required. Their design ensures easy installation, with no risk of damage to the thread when the bolt is hammered into position and an embedded sleeve that expands reliably as the bolt is tightened to the required torque. The M10 and M12 options are available in two different anchorage depths for extra versatility.

Richard Bowhay, Sales Manager for Building Fasteners at EJOT UK said: “BA Plus represents an important enhancement in the performance capabilities of our through-bolts and gives installers a reliable and highly secure anchor solution for every type of concrete application – backed by the third-party assurance of ETA approval. It demonstrates collectively, the objectives of our technical teams worldwide in their capacity to regularly assess if and how we can advance the performance of construction fixings to give architects and building owners total peace of mind, as well as improving efficiency for installers.”

​​​​​​​In summary...

  • OPTION 1 ETA for cracked / non-cracked concrete
  • TECHNICAL range for total performance
  • M8 and M10: Offer installation into thinner concrete
  • M10 and M12: Provide dual anchorage depths
  • NEW Coloured depth-setting added to thread
  • NEW Anchor length ID code added to head
  • FEWER TURNS to reach specified installation torque
  • CORROSION RESISTANT for harsh environments
  • INCLUDES safety-critical, fire and seismic options

Technical support including site tests

EJOT provides highly specialised support with a wealth of experience relating to all heavy-duty anchoring applications. When specifying outside of standard parameters we support EJOT customers by providing an on-site test report, carried out by a qualified EJOT engineer. This is a free service to EJOT UK customers and needs to be booked in advance.

Call 01977 687040 to arrange

Or you can read/ download our Through-bolts brochure...

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EJOT’s Anchor-fix dimensioning software is a goto tool to assist designers with pre-planning through to static requirements for critical building projects.

The program calculates load-carrying capacities in concrete substrates - allowing data to be archived for reference.

​​​​​​​Additional benefits include:
  • Access to approval documents & data sheets
  • Language options for international use.
  • Automatic updates
Download EJOT Anchor Fix software here 


BA-V Plus through-bolt

Carbon steel, Zinc electroplated.
ETA: Option 1 Cracked and non-cracked concrete
Thread sizes: M8, M10, M12, M16

Dry indoor conditions or with temporary condensation

BA-V Plus in detail


BA-E Plus through-bolt

Stainless steel A4
ETA: Option 1 Cracked and non-cracked concrete
Thread sizes: M8, M10, M12, M16

Indoor, outdoor, industrial use and maritime climate

​​​​​​​BA-E-Plus in detail


BA-F Plus through-bolt

Carbon steel, hot dip galvanized
ETA: Option 1 Cracked and non-cracked concrete
Thread sizes: M8, M10, M12, M16

Humid indoor, non-critical inland outdoor / rural environment

​​​​​​​BA-F Plus in detail

NEW: BA-C NC for Option 7 non-cracked concrete​​​​​​​

The BA Plus range is also complemented by the introduction of EJOT’s new through-bolts for Option 7 non- cracked concrete applications, BAC-NC, which provides a class-leading anchor for regular applications, backed by the assurance of a separate European Technical Approval offering an economical fixing system for non-cracked concrete applications such as warehouse racking, stadium seating, columns, guard rails, facades, staircases and machinery installation.

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​​​​​​​Construction Fixings Association

EJOT UK is a full manufacturing member.
From specification to testing, the CFA supports
all involved in the fixings chain.

The CFA represents:
The major manufacturers of critical fixing systems.

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