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EJOTĀ® Through Bolts BA-E Plus


  • Applications

    • For embedment in cracked and non-cracked concrete ≥ C20/25
    • Also suitable for natural stone
    • Dry indoor areas
    • Wet areas
    • Outdoors, including in industrial atmosphere and coastal environents
    • For embedment of medium heavy to heavy fixings such as pillars, metal structures and wooden structures
    • For pre-, push-through and distance installations
    • Seismic approval category C2 (M10-M16)

    Note: Characteristic values apply to the compression strength of C20/25 concrete. Design load of an anchor for centric tension in cracked concrete.

  • Properties

    • Stainless steel, A4
    • Approval for concrete, Option 1
    • Fire restistance classes F30, F60, F90, F120
  • Technical specifications

    • Completely new design
    • M10 and M12 with 2 different anchorage depths
      M10: 40 mm and 60 mm
      M12: 50 mm and 70 mm
    • Colored setting depth marking on the thread
    • Anchor length letter code marked on the bolt head
    • Installation also in thinner concrete than today with M8 and M10
      M8:   80 mm vs. 100 mm
      M10: 100 mm vs. 120 mm
    • Installation torque achieved with 30 – 50% fewer revolutions
    • Seismic C2 under testing, ETA amendment planned by end 2018